United States Edit

General Tóc Tiên

Major Wild Glory the Blue Bear

Captain Mai Tiến Dũng

Lieutenant Kiefer Sutherland

Sergeant Kenny Ho

Corporal Vincent Zhao

Private Eric Taylor

United Nations Edit

Officer Angela Phương Trinh

Officer Ái Phương

Officer Minh Hằng

Officer Sung Ta-min

Vietnam Edit

Judge Alan Cook

Officer Slippy V

Clerk DavidTheAnimationGuy

Officer Long Halo

Officer Hoàng Touliver

Officer JustaTee

Officer BigDaddy

Officer Andree Right Hand

United Kingdom Edit

President Ali Lee

Prime Minister Benny Chan

Officer Kenneth Ma

China Edit

Doctor Jet Li

Doctor Fan Bingbing

Doctor Tang Guoqiang

Doctor Zhang Tielin

Taiwan Edit

Firefighter Shu Qi

Firefighter Eric Huang

Firefighter Sung Yi-min

Firefighter Margaret Wang

Hong Kong Edit

Police Officer Donnie Yen

Police Officer Tavia Yeung

Police Officer Nancy Wu

Police Officer Alice Chan

Macau Edit

Coast Guard Officer Koo Koon-chung

Coast Guard Officer Mimi Kung

Coast Guard Officer Ruco Chan

Coast Guard Officer Steven Ma

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