Four Seasons Brothel Edit

Wah Yuen-cheung the Brothel Keeper

Julian the Hero of the Turtles to Gamera

Angela Phương Trinh the Spring Sexworker

Connor the Hero of the Tigers to King Kong

Ái Phương the Summer Sexworker

Brendan the Hero of the Peacocks to Mothra

Minh Hằng the Autumn Sexworker

Ross the Hero of the Dragons to Godzilla

Tóc Tiên the Winter Sexworker

Good Users Mansion Edit

Caleb the Mansion Captain

Jojuan the Chef

Eric the Factory Worker

Nathan the Toymaker

Skyler the Butler

Matt the Miner

Yog's Cavern Edit

Yog the Cavern Agent

Jet Li the Doctor

Vincent Zhao the Doctor

Tang Guoqiang the Doctor

Zhang Tielin the Doctor

Fan Bingbing the Doctor

Shu Qi the Firefighter

Sung Ta-min the Firefighter

Eric Huang the Firefighter

Jay Chou the Firefighter

Eddie Peng the Firefighter

Donnie Yen the Police Officer

Kenny Ho the Police Officer

Tavia Yeung the Police Officer

Nancy Wu the Police Officer

Alice Chan the Police Officer

Wanbi's Memorial Edit

Evangelion the Colonel

Louis Cheung the Wizard

Yudai Chiba the Rogue

Thanh Bùi the Fighter

Mr. Law and Moses's Workshop Edit

Law Lok-lam the Elder Merchant

Moses Chan the Young Merchant

Macau Edit

Koo Koon-chung the Coast Guard Officer

Mimi Kung the Coast Guard Officer

Fan Hung-hsuan the Coast Guard Officer

Cheung Kwok-keung the Coast Guard Officer

Ruco Chan the Coast Guard Officer

Steven Ma the Coast Guard Officer

Wong Cho-lam the Coast Guard Officer

Joey and Gamera's City Edit

Joey Meng the Founder of the Jungle

Gamera the Turtle and the Third Duke

Minilla the Prince

Monster Island Edit

Godzilla the True King of the Monsters and the Emperor of China

Mothra the Queen of the Monsters and the Empress of China

Kong the First Duke

Ghidorah the Second Duke

Anguirus the First Chancellor

Rodan the Second Chancellor

Gigan the Third Chancellor

Stephen Au the Fourth Chancellor

Zilla the Artist

Mechagodzilla the Scientist

Space Godzilla the Warrior

During Daikaiju Civil War Edit

Shin Godzilla the Fake King of the Monsters, the Emperor of Japan and the Teeth Guy

Kamata-kun the Little Dragon

Boris Anderson the Knight and the Teeth Guy

Annie Man the Samurai and the Teeth Girl

Ming Na-Wen the Mysterious Woman and the Teeth Girl

Tóc Tiên the General and the Teeth Girl

Fan Hung-hsuan the Teacher and the Teeth Guy

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