Four Seasons Brothel Edit

Sword of the Brothel

Boots of the Brothel

Good Users' Mansion Edit

Sabre of the Mansion

Pistols of the Mansion

Yog's Cavern Edit

Claws of the Cavern

Spell of the Cavern

Wanbi's Memorial Edit

Boots of the Memorial

Quarterstaff of the Memorial

Mr. Law and Moses's Workshop Edit

Swords of the Workshop

Daggers of the Workshop

Monster Island Edit

Godzilla's Sword

Artist's Paintbrush

Artist's Palette

Sciencist's Microscope

Sciencist's Laboratory Glassware

Warrior's Sword

Warrior's Bow

During Daikaiju Civil War Edit

Medallion of Spring

Jewel of Spring

Medallion of Summer

Jewel of Summer

Medallion of Autumn

Jewel of Autumn

Medallion of Winter

Jewel of Winter

Boris's Knife

Boris's Pistol

Boris's Orbs

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