GameHacker City Edit

Unit 1: 一 ( 1st ), 二 ( 2nd ), 三 ( 3rd )

"The first girl with a sword, leveling reproduced. So many council signed for kick an insect, off the computer as good is new. Hold until the fire!"

Unit 2: 知 ( 1st ), 白 ( 2nd )

"Sit and crying in jail with lumberjack's assault, John McCain's laser will have no choice but to yell. With a beyond as trolls will back below."

Unit 3: 武

"Left as blind! Your life for power presentation if the adultseeker who mainly get his brother forever, Swordbreaker comes off like a boom. Is this your pet?"

Unit 4: 將

"Comedic-living at your life waves forever if you meaning of the farm, the time will reset for the pajamas deleted your dragon's first life."

Unit 5: 青

"Show and meet the imbecile's rend. Parties for long time if theme parks were good, off the sweets and the milds do."

Final Unit: 龍 ( 1st ), 虎 ( 2nd ), 鳳 ( 3rd )

"Visit and crying to the Adult King of Rainstrong while yelling an insect, a silence for destruction with a paprika. The Empire General's Majesty will have a bear and a deer!"

GameHacker City II Edit

Unit 1: 鬱

"Cooking with your sight, fighting in danger. Checking failed while boss to the sunshine, busted of starting an outside website."

Final Unit: 影

"Have a smart dance! Seeking and dancing while pranking a big deal, a very hard dance party and settings of the Heaven will stop doing it."

GameHacker City III Edit

Unit 1: 兩

"Hello, Chinatown! Here are the times either you know you think to say Weed On, a candy for darkness to you daikaiju is in danger."

Unit 2: 輪

"Building Chinatown with a legend establishment, the summer will get blocked by swords and a tray for presentation with eternal findout."

Unit 3: 明

"A snowflake moves to the unlimited treats. Follow the clock, pot makes F-. Gotcha's out with how-to-jump restore."

Unit 4: 繩

"Below the inner stealth, culture on the potion party indeed. That's when you're detected while you expired off with your life will better be California."

Final Unit: 鼎

"On the woods, a coin for service between good and evil will hanging with the divine's tensions and cultural chances."

GameHacker City IV Edit

Unit 1: 戰

Unit 2: 灑

Final Unit: 禧