Seven Heroes Around the World 3 Map

Inside Chinatown Edit

Four Season Brothel aka Wah's China House

Good Users' Mansion aka Amur River Society of the Black Dragon

Yog's Cavern aka the Gate of Hell

Southern Wanbi's Memorial aka the Gate of the Dragon and the Tiger

Mr. Law and Moses's Workshop aka the Gate of the Buddha's Palm

Monster Island Entrance aka the Statue of Godzilla or China Island

Outside Chinatown Edit

Qingxi Wharf

Southern Heilong Island

The Cemetery of the Hell

Liberty Island

Inside the Four Seasons Brothel Edit

Brothel Lobby

The Aqueduct of Spring

The Sun of Dreams

The Floating Garden

The Comet of Winter

Inside the Good Users' Mansion Edit

Mansion Lobby

4444 Restaurant

Factory Outlet 95

Toy Store 7

879 Jewelry

Hotel of the Girls

Inside Yog's Cavern Edit

Cavern Lobby

Gezora's Hospital of the Sky

Ganime's Fire Station of the Sea

Kamoeba's Police Station of the Earth

Inside the Monster Island Edit

Island Lobby

Vault of Art

Vault of Science

Vault of War