After World War III Edit


During the NVA police officers destroyed the apartments from USA Edit


During jail time Edit

Best Day of My Life

Big Girls Don't Cry

Bad Blood

What do you mean?

Safe and Sound

I don't like it, I love it

Lean On

Stressed Out

Same Old Love

Can't Feel My Face

Shake it Off

See You Again

Kung Fu Fighting

7 Years

After Tóc Tiên escaped from Vietnam Edit

Treat You Better

Don't Let Me Down

Persecution of the Masses

Early Morning from Tokyo

The Drunken Mundane

Godzilla Evolves


A Day of Roar

A Man Should Better Himself

This is What You Came For

Godzilla Restarts

Godzilla Relanding


Taba Strategy

Black Angels

The Offensive

Who Will Know



Organizational Formation

Yashiori Strategy

Under a Burning Sky


Main theme from Godzilla: King of the Monsters

After Tóc Tiên died Edit

Worth of Tears

Silence is Golden

A Sound of Laughter in the Vast Sea

You're the Best in the World

Romantic Swordsman: A Rare Skill ( Instead of Sword of the Light, Tears of the Shadow )

The Hell of Loss and Woe

It's Hard to Read

Clear the Heart of the Moonlight

Heroic Blood

Can't Stop the Feeling

The Long Road Accompanies You on Your Adventure

The Locust World ( Instead of Under Mt. Fuji or Love Transfer )