After World War III and Tóc Tiên died Edit

Whatcha Say

Hot n Cold

Subtheme from Modern Combat: Sandstorm



Main theme from Chinese Hero Online

Fearless Heroes

Saeko and Minilla

Space Junk Galaxy

Opening theme from Shaolin Soccer

Four Seasons Brothel Edit


I'm in Love

Star Festival


Attack of the Airships

Not in Vain

Peach's Castle is Stolen

Observation Dome

Into the Galaxy

Course Select

Pipe Interior

Waiting for Your Return

Into the Gateway

Good Egg Galaxy

I'm Not the Only One

Star Chance

Water Goddess

Dino Piranha

Big Bad Bugaboom

1st Comet Observatory

Journey to the West: In Order to the West

A Two-Way Street

King Kaliente

Toad Brigade

Loodeloop Galaxy

Twin Dragons


Beyond the Realm of Conscience: Heart Attack

Bowser Jr.

He Told Me

Honeyhive Galaxy

Power to the Observatory

Blue Sky Athletics

1st Ball Rolling

Space Athletic

Space Fantasy

Worth of Tears

Bowser Appears

Speedy Comet

It's Hard to Read

Big Staircase

Bowser's Star Reactor


Battlerock Galaxy

Walk Heaven's Path Together

Underwater Beach Bowl Galaxy

Beach Bowl Galaxy

2nd Comet Observatory

A Spooky Sprint


Ghostly Galaxy

The Country


Emperor's Daughter's Fragant Soul

The First Love


Only Love Forever


Bowser's Final Battle

The Lonely Star

Good Users' Mansion Edit

Main theme from Go!Animate

Cooking by the Book


You've Got a Friend in Me


Hotel Room Service

Yog's Cavern Edit

Call 911

March of the Volunteers

Three Principles of the People

Below the Lion Rock

After Shin Godzilla dies Edit

Godzilla: Final Wars ending theme

Can't Stop the Feeling

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