Date Edit

April 12, 2054 - Dec 31, 9999

Allied Forces ( Allies ) Edit

American Bears ( United States ) Edit

Tóc Tiên, Mai Tiến Dũng, Kiefer Sutherland ( mentioned ), Quang Minh, Hồng Đào, Lê Huỳnh, Kiều Oanh, Hoài Tâm, Việt Hương, Hồ Ngọc Hà, Đông Nhi, Noo Phước Thịnh, Sơn Tùng M-TP, Isaac (365band), Bảo Anh, Jonathan Phan, Kenny Ho, Vincent Zhao, Sung Ta-min, Angela Phương Trinh, Ái Phương, Minh Hằng, Koo Koon-chung, Mimi Kung, Tavia Yeung, Alice Chan, Nancy Wu, Ngô Thanh Vân, Long Halo, Hoàng Touliver, Ruco Chan, Eric Taylor ( mentioned ), Sloth Glory the Blue Bear ( mentioned )

Cook Family ( Vietnam ) Edit

Alan Cook, Warren Cook ( defected ), Shawn Bruner, Slippy V, David the Animation Guy, louielouie95, The Super Baxter, Caroline0204, Joseph Selaty, Angrywalkthroughs ( Kevin Russo ), Phillip Psareas

Anderson Family ( Canada ) Edit

Boris Anderson, Doris Anderson, Caillou Anderson ( defected ), Rosie Anderson, Cody Anderson, Daisy Anderson, Paul Hinkle, Norris Anderson, Eliza Sam, Fred Cheng

Marquez Family ( Mexico ) Edit

Cole Lewis Marquez, Elena Marquez, Dora Marquez ( defected ), Diego Marquez, Juanita Marquez

Two Teachers and a Principal ( San Francisco School ) Edit

Kate Shaw, Bennett Dike, Felipe Phillips

Two Chefs at the Restaurant ( Tina and Diesel's Japanese Restaurant ) Edit

Tina Hyacinth O'Neil ( Delphine ), Diesel Henry O'Neil ( Esbern )

Troublemaker's Forces ( Troublemakers ) Edit

Warren's Rebellion ( Islamic State of Iraq, Syria, and the Levant )Edit

Warren Cook ( deceased )

Caillou's Rebellion ( Vichy France ) Edit

Caillou Anderson, Dora Marquez, Daillou Anderson ( mentioned )

Noddy's Rebellion ( Nazi Germany ) Edit

Noddy, Tyrone, Pablo, Arthur

Barney's Rebellion ( United States's Federalist Version ) Edit


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