Nguyen Hue Edit


Born: 1753

Died: 1792

Synopsis Edit

After Trinh Khai's death, Nguyen Hue destroyed Hanoi and Le Duy Khiem escaped. What can he do now?

Wong Fei-hung Edit

220px-Wong fei hung

Born: 1847

Died: 1924

Synopsis Edit

Wong Fei-hung is a Chinese hero who fights monsters and villians and save people. His dad, Wong Kei-ying fell ill and died. China is never be the same...

Sanada Yukimura Edit

Sanada Yukimura

Born: 1567

Died: 1615

Synopsis Edit

In Tokyo, Godzilla destoyed whole buildings and Sanada Yukimura defeated all kaijus, murder all people, and committed suicide.

George Washington Edit


Born: 1732

Died: 1799

Synopsis Edit

1st President of the United States, George Washington captured all states and crushed London. United Kingdom is collapsed...

Adolf Hitler Edit

220px-Hitler portrait crop

Born: 1889

Died: 1945

Synopsis Edit

In 1945, Adolf Hitler died and the Reichstag was destroyed. This is the worst day ever in this city, Berlin!